Saturday, October 13, 2012

So Close among Deer and Hippos

Vacationing in the safari park is really a fun activity for me and my family. As I've told in previous posting, Taman Safari Indonesia (Safari Park) which is located in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java Province. Taman Safari Indonesia is an open zoo that allows visitors to interact with animals within it. The visitors are required to use a car, and got out of the car is prohibited while in safari park areas.

So as to make the interaction with the animals, even in locations where the animals are considered dangerous, visitors are required to close the car windows.

While on vacation in the taman safari, I could look directly animals hanging around.

One of the most memorable experiences during a vacation in the safari park is when my family and I can interact directly with deer and hippos. At first I was afraid to see two hippos are very close to our car.

Hippo has a great body, and at the hippo opened its mouth, his teeth look great anyway. For me, it was very scary. I heard my father asked me to threw the carrots to the hippo. I immediately threw the carrots to the hippo. And look, the hippo was immediately opened the mouth to accept carrots that I threw. The hippo ate carrots greedily.

Because of much fun to see the hippo action, I repeat threw carrots into the hippo many times. This causes my fear to the hippo is gone. Further details about my experience amongs deer and hippos in Taman Safari Indonesia can viewed on the video above.

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