Monday, June 6, 2011

Rock Climbing is Exciting

For me, rock climbing is very exciting, because I've done a few times. At first, I was afraid when asked to try, but after one try I can feel the fun of rock climbing. Besides to exercise my courage, rock climbing also exercises my concentration and my body balance

Exercise my concentration, because I should be able to think quickly to decide which way I will climb to progress to the top without difficulty.

Exercise my body balance, because my body position when climbing should match with the contour of the rock that I went through.

Friday, June 3, 2011

We've Played on a Giant Spider’s Web

A giant spider? If that's true, that's a very scary monster…. But me and my brother was not afraid, even both of us have played in it’s web….

Why we were not afraid? Because the giant spider web that is one form of the game at Jungle Jump area. Jungle Jump is one area of children's games in the Depok City, West Java Province - Indonesia, which provide various forms of children's game with the nuances of the jungle.We really enjoyed all the games that were there, because to train children's bravery in facing challenges.