Sunday, October 14, 2012

Let's Look the Giraffes Closely

I previously knew a giraffe only in movies or in books, but after visited to the safari park (Taman Safari Indonesia) I just knew the giraffes directly. Apparently, the giraffe is very high. Their neck is very long, so they can take food on high place.

With a long neck, a giraffe eating leaves from the surrounding trees. To eat the leaves, giraffe tongue length is about 53 cm greatly helped to pluck leaves.
Giraffes live together in a herd, although their herd come and go and go as to form other herds.With a height up to 5.5 feet, the giraffe can see clearly areas where herd is grassland. If there is an enemy like lions, giraffes can see it, and he would signal the herd.

When viewed directly, apparently, a giraffe has a faces that is very cute and funny,

For more details about the giraffes so close, please view on my video above.

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