Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weby and His Purple Gang in Show (LIVE version)

As I wrote in previous posts, Weby is my brother. He studied in kindergarten or in Bahasa Indonesia called as TK Al Quran Nuraini. The school is located in Sub district of Sawangan, Depok City - West Java Province. 

My Little Sister

Since I'm not actively writing on this blog for almost a year, I forgot to tell you how my little sister's progress.  As I told you in previous posting, Zenithya Sagita Aquila is her name, she was born in the Depok City, West Java on 29 March 2011, its means that now she's aged about one year and 4 months.  I was very happy, because it means I now have sister and brother. 

My little sister is very funny and cute though often cry when asked what she wanted. My little sister is now able to walk, although at first was afraid to fall.  At present, the most preferred by my little sister is learning to talk. She always tried to imitate any sound she hears. I used to try to teach my sister to say the word that's easy to say. I hope that she could speak as soon as possible, so that we can know what she wants.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let’s Play the Watercraft

At first I was afraid to play boat in the lake water alone. At that moment I thought, what if I was riding the boat suddenly reversed while I'm not good at swimming.  But even though fear, I dared to play the watercraft.  After a while, I slowly started to feel the fun of watercraft. I am more daring to accelerate the pace of the watercraft, even I started to like driving the craft maneuvered in such.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sorry, I Have Not Updated This Blog

 About a year I never update this blog. School activities and play activities at home, made ​​me forget to be a blogger.  In addition, internet browsing activities at home right now mostly done by my brother, so I give in more to him.

Thankfully, my father bought me a tablet pc that can access the internet via wifi, so I can  active again in the internet. With the tablet PC, I can access the Internet faster than usual. Besides the internet, I also can play a very diverse number and type of games.