Monday, October 11, 2010

Satay is My Favorite Food

What is the satay? Satay is the original food from Indonesia

This food is in the form of small pieces of meat (beef, lamb, chicken) that was stabbed to use bamboo sticks and burnt using charcoal until cooked

It is served with soy sauce or peanut sauce depending on our tastes

From I was a kid until now satay (especially the chicken satay) is my favorite food 

.....if I'm eating satay I will forget the other foods

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Could Drive when I was 1 Year Old

Do you believe, I could drive when I was 1 year old? Look the picture beside closely.....I'm driving right?

Of course I did not drive a real car, but only a toy car ....

At that time I was invited by my mom and my aunt went to the mall to shop...... at first I was not interested in the atmosphere at the mall

but look ........ there was a playground for children

I asked my mom so I could play in that place ...... and my mom agreed to my request glad it's

Upon hearing my request is approved ..... I chose a toy car ..... I want to know how to drive a car

Who is the Little Girl Wearing the Hijab?

Let you guess, who is this little girl?

....your right ... this is me, when I was 2 years old

at that time I tried to wear a hijab which bought by my mother .... 

Do I look pretty when wearing it?

but I look cute certainly .......

I still remember, when I was wearing hijab, suddenly I'm in a photo by my uncle, so I did not get to style

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ceremony at My School

That day is Monday, it is means I must go to school earlier .......

because I have to follow the ceremony which it began at 7 am. If late for a few minutes then I can not follow the ceremony .....the school fence would have closed !!!!

I've been late so I had to wait outside the school ...... I'm so sorry at the moment

During the ceremony, all students at my school are told to line up according to their class groups

Core activities of the ceremony is the national flag raising accompanied by singing the national anthem,