Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Brother, Online Games, His Drums, and then ….

Be quiet please, see my brother was playing games seriously ……his action like a professional at work …. if my brother was serious, he will get angry to anyone who bothered

…. he was already skilled at playing games right now

Although not yet in school, now my brother was able to turn on the laptop even do an internet connection …… if my brother is accessing the internet, my dad always accompany to give guidance and teach him if there is a problem.

Sometimes I asked my father to accompany my brother to find the games that he wants …

...be a winner to get your future .....

Do you want to know ...... why I write this posting with ......”be a winner to get your future ...” title? ...... It is a short sentence that is often advised by my father to me and my brother ....

look at the picture beside  ...... even my father had written that sentence on my picture when I was 7 months old ..... (by the way I'm look very cute at that age....)

At first I did not understand what the meaning of the sentence
...... but my dad always told me with that sentence repeatedly .... maybe my brother is also not understand what it’s meant right now ... My fatheralway explaining what is mean of that sentence patiently

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What are You Looking at, My Brother?

This is a picture of my brother when he was 8 months old.....

I did not know what was seen by my brother at that time

Look at him ….. his head looked up and his eyes looking at something … seem very serious

Perhaps he was looking at a lizard on top,

because I still remember …… at that age, my brother was really like to see the lizard

…. sometimes he lift up his hand as if to show there was a lizard on the top, while he tried to imitate the sound of lizard with his own way ... so funny.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Kindergarten Graduation Video

Hello my friends,  you must still remember the previous posting  about my kindergarten graduation (you can view here).  In this posting, I show you a video of my kindergarten graduation moment.

I always see the video if I felt missed my friends. Enjoy with it ….