Friday, June 3, 2011

We've Played on a Giant Spider’s Web

A giant spider? If that's true, that's a very scary monster…. But me and my brother was not afraid, even both of us have played in it’s web….

Why we were not afraid? Because the giant spider web that is one form of the game at Jungle Jump area. Jungle Jump is one area of children's games in the Depok City, West Java Province - Indonesia, which provide various forms of children's game with the nuances of the jungle.We really enjoyed all the games that were there, because to train children's bravery in facing challenges.

At the time we played in a giant spider's web, we can test our bravery to be able to ride the web. The web is made from big rope. Indeed, it is very difficult to climb up to the top, because the rope was slippery and always wagging.

However, with my courage I could reach the top, while my brother was never reach it.
Although the game area was full of challenges, but the safety of children who play there are guaranteed by the Jungle Jump thus not harmful to us.

Do you want to know how we play in a giant spider's web? Look at the video above ….

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