Monday, June 6, 2011

Rock Climbing is Exciting

For me, rock climbing is very exciting, because I've done a few times. At first, I was afraid when asked to try, but after one try I can feel the fun of rock climbing. Besides to exercise my courage, rock climbing also exercises my concentration and my body balance

Exercise my concentration, because I should be able to think quickly to decide which way I will climb to progress to the top without difficulty.

Exercise my body balance, because my body position when climbing should match with the contour of the rock that I went through.

That is the reason, why in doing rock climbing I have to concentrate and always keep the balance of body, if not then we will fall.

Did I perform the real rock climbing? Of course not, I did it at Jungle Jump, which is a children's playground in the Depok City, West Java Province - Indonesia, so the our safety factor is really secured.

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