Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's Play Bowling....

Bowling is one game that I liked. I usually play bowling when I was invited by my dad to the TimeZone games area.

Although many kind of games at there, but I'd rather spend time to play bowling. I think this game is fun but requires concentration as much as possible should be able to drop all the pins with a ball that we roll.

At the time of playing, I was usually accompanied by my brother. Once in awhile, my brother goes try rolling the ball toward the pins. We both laughed when the ball slip away from the pins, or my throw too weak.

I ever threw the ball too far to the top, so that when the ball was dropped, it’s voice so loud. Looking at the incident, my father advised me to play with caution, then my dad taught me how to hold the ball and how to roll it

The most satisfying moment in the play bowling is at this time we can drop all the pins by the balls that we throw.... try it..

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