Friday, May 27, 2011

Watch Out, the Big Mouth is Behind You .....

Of course, that sentence makes both of us were very surprised. Due my brother and me imagine that the big mouth is a horrible monster and ready to eat anything.

But do not be afraid, because the big mouth in this posting is a big stone that resembled a large animal's head that opens its mouth.

Look the big stone behind us…. Big head, big nose, opened mouth and the most frightening is that pointy teeth…. 

I can imagine if that big stone suddenly alive…. Very scary!!!

Do you want to know where is the “big mouth” is located? I see that big stones at the time of my family on traveling to Tirta Sanita tourist site which is located in Gunung Kapur Ciseeng, District of Bogor, West Java -  Indonesia.

In addition, in this place we can also enjoy the beautiful scenery, because the surrounding mountain panorama unfold with the fresh air. The visitors can ride up the mountain to see the surrounding landscape. And from the distance, the mountains look like snow..... really enjoy in there

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