Sunday, May 29, 2011

Green Walking in the Sunday Morning

Every Sunday morning, my father always asks me and my brother to go around villages around our house. Do we go by car? Of course not, we go by foot. We leave about 06.30 am with routes throughout the rural areas that are still shades of green.

Unlike the roads in town, the road we spent sometimes muddy. However, we really enjoy the journey.

Along the way, my dad was introduced to us about the kind of trees, describes the river, the importance of fresh air in the morning and the importance of maintaining the environment around us.

At a certain moment, my dad took a rest under a shady tree as he invites us to play with the environment around us. My dad would let us if we played the mud. "Be friendly with our nature", said my dad.

After resting, my dad took us to go home. Although our trip is so far (about 5 km), but we do not feel tired because we enjoyed that trip. There are so many learning about the environment that we got from the walks around that morning. Love our environment....

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