Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Traffic Jams are Everywhere in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. I am often invited by my dad and or my mom went around the Jakarta city.

At first I was happy when travel to Jakarta, but after knowing the traffic conditions of Jakarta, I feel not interested.

Do you want to know, what makes me feel lazy when traveling in Jakarta? The answer is the traffic jams in Jakarta.

At present, traffic jams occurs in almost every areas in Jakarta. If we've been stuck in traffic jam, then we can do is just be patient and be patient.

I do not know what causes of traffic jams in Jakarta are increasingly badly. It’s too many motorcycles, too many cars, and too many everything that are make me headache.

And now, if I'm asked to go to Jakarta, I would prefer to use electric train. Because if you use electric train guaranteed to be free from traffic jams. I hope that traffic jams in Jakarta could be addressed by my government

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