Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I first knew about Google through my father. At that time, I'd want to play games on computer, and then my dad taught me how to access the internet.

The first time that he showed to me was the Google search engine. “With the Google you can find various types of games that you want, just write it there” said my dad. I immediately wrote down one type of game in the Google search engine, and when I press the enter key, then came out kind of game that I want from various sources..... it’s great.

Since then, I began to familiar with Google. I began to try various features of Google, apparently a lot of facilities provided by Google (other than search engine) that makes us in finding something that we want.

I could learn English through Google Translate, I could learn a map through Google Maps and Google Earth, I could learn to write articles through blogger, and many other facilities.

With the various facilities provided by Google, it can be said that Google is my online teacher where I learned besides the lessons that I got from school. Due to Google's “cleverness”, so I now call it as Mbah Google (Mbah = the term in the Javanese language = grandfather). Thank you very much … Mbah Google

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