Monday, May 23, 2011

Stop Violence Against Children, NOW !!!

Violence against children is one sentence that I hate. Maybe not just me who hated it, but also all the children in this world. I feel very sad, until now the violence against children are still common in this world. Indeed, this violence is not only in the form of physical violence, but also violence against psychological of the children.

For me, violence against children is a barbaric and cowardly act. It’s called barbarians, because such actions have taken away rights of children to obtain a decent living. It’s called a coward, because such actions was done to children who have weak physical and psychological.

Almost every day, news related to violence against children is always arise whether it is through television, newspapers, and other news media. Often I see, the children who are deprived of their childhood living on the streets and have to find money by begging. They should be in school and not on the streets.

As a child, I'm so sorry to see the suffering of my friends who experienced violence in their lives. Because they have lost the good times as a child, and deprived of the right to learn in school. Sometimes I ask to myself, when their suffering can be ended?

Through my very simple posting, I invite the people to begin together to stop violence against children around the world. Hopefully, this posting can inspire your hearts to stop its. Starting from our own families.... ACT NOW!!!

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