Monday, May 23, 2011

Like Father … Like Son

Once upon a time, I saw my dad was looking through the photos on his laptop. At first I was not so interested…

But when I saw my dad was conducted photos editing, I was interested and sat down beside him...

When I noticed, my dad was edited picture of two children

“This is dad’s picture when a child and the other one is your brother’s picture”, said my dad.

I saw both of the pictures more closely. It turned out that both of them have very similar faces or may be regarded as twin brother.

The picture is just different in colors, one in gray scale and the other one is in full color.

Although both of the children are equally 4 years old, but my dad’s picture was produced about 36 years ago. Of course they pictures are different colors.

Try to see the picture above, my dad and my brother is like twin…… like father ….. like son

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