Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Brother as Mr.Bean

Like me, one of my brother idols is Mr. Bean. He had watched almost all Mr. Bean movies, so he also familiar to the scenes in the film.

I often saw him imitating the style of Mr. Bean in the film…. it’s so funny to saw him.
At one point, when he was acting like Mr. Bean, my dad was recorded it using a video camera.

He was seen carrying three pencil, two pencils are held with both of his hands while the other one carrying  using his mouth. He took the pencils carefully and seriously

After some distance, he turned then facing to the wall and scrawled the pencils to the wall with carefully too.

The scene reminded me to the Mr. Bean movie with an episode is Do-it-yourself
Do you want to know when my brother style like Mr. Bean? … see the video above

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