Saturday, August 7, 2010

When My Dad was A Kid ....

When I was studying in my room …… suddenly I heard my dad calling me …..”Lintang, come here a minute, I had a good pictures" my father said.

Yes, I immediately approached . ……."Take a guess, whose picture is this?" my dad said as he showed some pictures on his notebook.

Hear a question like that I did not answer immediately because I'm more interested to watch some photos of kid.

"Whose picture is this, he's so funy?" I asked my dad. “"This is a picture of me when I was one year old" my dad replied with a smile.

“Dad when you was a kid looks so cute .... similar to Webby" I said. I immediately called Weby (my brother) to come ……to see the pictures.

.. .. After looking at the pictures, then my brother went to dad  …..”"This is dad ..." my broter said, pointing to himself, “.. .. and there is Weby" my brother said, pointing to dad. ….. Hearing the Weby said, we also laugh……

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