Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weby and His Purple Gang in Show (LIVE version)

As I wrote in previous posts, Weby is my brother. He studied in kindergarten or in Bahasa Indonesia called as TK Al Quran Nuraini. The school is located in Sub district of Sawangan, Depok City - West Java Province. 

At a farewell gathering with his senior friends class, he and his friends has participate to the event.  They use the same color shirt that is purple. Based on the similarity of that, then I call them as the purple gang.
At the purple gang had a chance to perform on stage, theylook verycompact.  Though they’re children, they look like a boy band….. they appear shamelessly and full of confidence.  You want to see thepurplegangstyle, take a look atthe videoabove. I hopethepurplegangcohesivenesswillalways bepreservedinthe strongof friendship….. Success for the purple gang, always

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