Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ceremony at My School

That day is Monday, it is means I must go to school earlier .......

because I have to follow the ceremony which it began at 7 am. If late for a few minutes then I can not follow the ceremony .....the school fence would have closed !!!!

I've been late so I had to wait outside the school ...... I'm so sorry at the moment

During the ceremony, all students at my school are told to line up according to their class groups

Core activities of the ceremony is the national flag raising accompanied by singing the national anthem, 

while the meaning of the ceremony is to commemorate the struggle of our national heroes
Do you want to know what my favorite moment of the ceremony? My favorite moment is when singing Indonesia Raya as the national anthem....
As an Indonesia's kid, I should be able to give the best for the glory of my country ... now and in the future !!!

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