Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Brother, Online Games, His Drums, and then ….

Be quiet please, see my brother was playing games seriously ……his action like a professional at work …. if my brother was serious, he will get angry to anyone who bothered

…. he was already skilled at playing games right now

Although not yet in school, now my brother was able to turn on the laptop even do an internet connection …… if my brother is accessing the internet, my dad always accompany to give guidance and teach him if there is a problem.

Sometimes I asked my father to accompany my brother to find the games that he wants …

….. if asked, where will he look for the games …… my brother answered spontaneously ……the Google….. and he also asked quickly to write “boy games” on Google search box. But if my brother has started playing the games, then those who are nearby are asked to stay away from him.

In between time playing games, my brother loved to play his drums …… the drums sound is very noisy, because my brother played his drums inconsequential ….. and if my brother was tired playing drums, he'll be back to play the games.

Once in a day, at night just before bed, my brother was crying, while holding his feet…..

My mom asked him. "What's wrong with you, Weby?" My brother answered as he continued to cry “I'm tired ... .... please be massaged my feet…”

... .. my mom then massaged his feet, and saying " That's the result when you play the games and drums too long ... "

Hearing the statement of my mom, my brother did not respond immediately…

…. oooopps …. he was already sleeping soundly

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