Friday, October 8, 2010

I Could Drive when I was 1 Year Old

Do you believe, I could drive when I was 1 year old? Look the picture beside closely.....I'm driving right?

Of course I did not drive a real car, but only a toy car ....

At that time I was invited by my mom and my aunt went to the mall to shop...... at first I was not interested in the atmosphere at the mall

but look ........ there was a playground for children

I asked my mom so I could play in that place ...... and my mom agreed to my request glad it's

Upon hearing my request is approved ..... I chose a toy car ..... I want to know how to drive a car
Once I got into the toy car ....I twisted the steering of it ..... when the toy car was moving, I grew a passion for driving

.... and I feel driving a real car

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