Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What are You Looking at, My Brother?

This is a picture of my brother when he was 8 months old.....

I did not know what was seen by my brother at that time

Look at him ….. his head looked up and his eyes looking at something … seem very serious

Perhaps he was looking at a lizard on top,

because I still remember …… at that age, my brother was really like to see the lizard

…. sometimes he lift up his hand as if to show there was a lizard on the top, while he tried to imitate the sound of lizard with his own way ... so funny.

But now ….. when my brother aged 3.5 years, he really hates the lizard, because when playing a game, he ever got off the lizard feces and its dirty his hair ... ... .. really smells!!!!!

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Shibu said...

Cute baby... I lve it